Project Testimonials

isw has been facilitating the workshop PhD Career Focus, an interactive seminar and workshop on how to find the best job fit the past four years. This three-day workshop has been programmed as part of an academic project on transferable skills. The workshop consists of several modules that can be organized separately as well: Succesfull Networking, How to Prepare for a Job Application, How to write a Powerful CV. All modules can be tailored to a specific target group: PhD's, Post Doc's, Bachelor or Master students.

The intention of the workshop is to increase the awareness of participants about their personality, competences, values, and their transferability in several sectors. The workshop gives them more insight in their motivation, interests and priorities in life in general and in their professional life in particular. 

An attendee about one of these academic isw workshops  at University of Ghent:

I attended a seminar in Rotterdam yesterday and used your tips on Networking. Thanks to your workshop, I am now much more conscient about my behaviour than before.

isw stand for an efficient and professional approach. Not only could we hire the right candidates fast, isw is successful in painting a strong image of our organization.

Do you want to strengthen your team with the right people? Do you wish to optimize the positive vibe in your organization? Does your growing team need clarity on their HR strategy? isw is your answer ! Inge is integer, smart, engaged, professional, has a no nonsense approach and brings in a substantial portion of charisma in the team.
— Elke Van Asbroeck, Partner bij Apeiron

Result of our workshop "Wellbeing at Work" joining work and art. Our Client, Private Insurer.

Inge and Nico are joining Operations, Finance, Audit ... and Art resulting in an enriching personal as well as team experience.
— Barbara De Beurme, Partner

Artwork by "Private Insurer" team

Artwork by "Private Insurer" team

isw has selected more than 20 of our project managers. Due to the persistence, the speed, the professional insight and the accurate evaluation of candidates, The Oval Office has considerably strengthened its team.

isw also advises and coaches The Oval Office Management Team on all aspects of Talent Management.
— Ken Koeklenberg, Founding Partner

As director of a non-profit organisation with a team of 20, it is my experience that adding human resources expertise is really a value added.

Inge brings in that expertise. From the start of her first assignment, she demonstrated a thorough understanding of our organization and her advise contributed has increased the quality of our human resources a great deal.
— Jan Peeters, Director