The success of your organization is the sum of its talents

isw stands for the P of “people” in Sustainable Talent Management. isw leads and manages projects involving your workforce. isw develops your employer brand, manages recruitment and selection, innovates and improves your talent management processes and projects. Competence management, performance reviews, career counseling and coaching, retention and engagement, leadership and coaching, communication competencies; these are a couple of examples of projects that isw can lead in your organization.

Coaching, mentor-coaching or consulting techniques can be applied to make all this happen.

  • Focused on your style, your values, your objectives, and on your people

  • Process oriented and systematic

  • Enthusiastic and dynamic

  • Practical

Talent Management

Your management team is conscious about the fact that talent is valuable and scarce. Is this insight clear to the rest of the organization? Did you clarify how your organization is going to attract, retain, motivate and develop your people? Isw is your consultant to get you through this exciting journey and to this insight in your whole organization.

Talent Management

Career Coaching

There is surely a talent in your organization that has the potential to grow and this person would benefit from results oriented and action oriented coaching? Would you personally also benefit from career coaching? An isw coach leads you towards getting the best out of yourself.

Career Coaching ›

Recruitment and Selection

Do you wish to develop or manage your recruitment and selection processes, your internal or external employer branding, or your on boarding process? isw can get you there.  

Recruitment and Selection