individual coaching

Do you have questions about your career?
Are you uncertain about your next step?
Could you use a sounding board to have more insight in your competencies and values?
Are you in need of guidance for an upcoming application or assessment?
Do you wish to develop specific competencies?

team coaching

Are there inconsistencies in the way your team works?
Is there a perception that not all talents are fully allocated in your team?
Is there a sensitive issue in your team that needs to dealt with?
Do you wish to establish how to develop and strengthen your team?
Does your team needs guidance towards a common goal?

job coaching

Do you have an issue at work that you cannot sort out by yourself?
Is there a mismatch of some kind with your boss?
Do you have a specific growth perspective and do you wish to be coached on how to develop a certain competence? Or do you wonder whether the organisation you work at it still a good employer for you?

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